Mindfulness and Meditation


Being Mindful Does Not
Have To Look Like This

Andy Puddicombe gives a wonderful TedMed talk on mindfulness and meditation.  He explains the purpose of mediation as enabling us to experience focus, calm, and clarity in our lives.  In his 10-minute video, he describes the basics of how to approach meditation as stepping back, seeing the thought clearly, and witnessing thoughts coming and going without judgment. By maintaining focused relaxation, we can allow thoughts to come and go, and NOT get distracted by the thought.  We learn to observe the thought and let go of our emotions attached to a thought.  Our goal is to let go of our story lines that run continuously in our minds.  By using mediation to step back and get a different perspective, we can change the way we experience things in our lives.

Here’s Andy Puddicombe’s TED talk.  Enjoy. 


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