Songs and Family

songs family happy sadNPR’s Robin Hilton posted a question asking readers to think about songs and family.  She asks them to name a song that describes your family.  So many people responded with great ideas.  Here is her Question:

Question Of The Week: What Song Describes Your Family?
November 18, 2013 5:31 PM
We need some help putting together next week’s show. Thanksgiving is coming up, and for a lot of you, this means you’ll be spending some close time with family. Maybe it’s more time with family than you want. Or maybe you can’t get enough of it. Either way, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the people in our lives and how they’ve shaped who we are.  This is where you come in. Tell us about a song that describes your family. It can be a happy song or sad, a literal or not so literal one. Whatever reminds you of your family. Tell us about the song in the comments section. 

Some of my favorite responses are:
Born to be Wild
You Can’t Always get what you Want
Why Can’t we be Friends?
Wizard of Ozsongs and families

What songs describes your family?

You can read and share your own thoughts here.