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Now for Some Dog Therapy

dog therapy uptown dallas counseling

This blog is about my views and opinions on human mental health, but I have to share New York Times columnist BENOIT DENIZET-LEWIS’s blog post Our Dogs, Ourselves: Common Complaints From Dog Owners.

He states owners have 3 COMMOM COMPLAINTS about their dogs:

  1. “My Dog Does Not Listen to Me”
  2. “My husband seems more excited when the dog gets in bed than when I do!”
  3. “My dog is a neurotic mess.”

Have you ever thought these things about your dog?  If you are looking for something to make you smile today, read this post.  If you are a real dog-lover (like me!), you may want to consider ordering Denizet-Lewis’s new book Travels With Casey.  He writes about his experiences during a 13,000 mile road trip with his dog, Casey.

Happy Thursday.  Photo Credit:  Drops of Jupiter