Bucket List


What is on your
Bucket List?

Everyone needs some type of “Bucket List”.  Long term goals and dreams keep us going…….
Here are some different ones I have found by doing a few searches:

From A TRAVEL blogger:

Visit every continent
Go sailing
Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
Go skydiving
Live outside North America
Live in Europe
Become fluent in German
Go mountain climbing
Visit Africa
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Visit the pyramids
Get my masters (currently working on it!)
Go paragliding
Ride a camel
Write a travel memoir
Get a book deal
Be an extra in a movie
Star in an asian pepsi commercial
Go into a jungle
Get a tattoo
Learn to surf
Visit Antarctica
Get married
Bike across a country
Have a beach wedding
Smoke hookah in Egypt
Party in Ibiza, Spain
Visit all of the world wonders
Dance in the rain, under the stars
Go skinny dipping
Eat a chocolate covered insect
Meet a member of the royal family
Learn to snowboard
Kiss a soccer player

What’s on your bucket list?