Happiness and Belonging


How Do We Find Happiness?

Dallas author and psychotherapist, Pamela Milam, writes about finding happiness on the website www.RewireMe.com.  In her article, I love the way Pamela describes her thinking as a young adult in the line:

“I just went with the societal flow without examining how I really felt or what I really wanted.”

As a psychotherapist, I regularly treat clients who are struggling with life choices and decisions of all kinds (financial, career, family) that were made based on societal flow. They describe themselves as very successful and “having it all”, and state they cannot understand their overwhelming feelings of emptiness or sadness. During the therapy process, they often find relief by allowing themselves to explore what they really want and separating individual wants from societal influences. They are able to find joy by making changes in their lives to honor their true feelings.

Can you find a way to allow yourself to explore what you really want, change your thinking, and create happiness?

Anger and Divorce: a better way

Here is a great article by author and Licensed Professional Counselor, Pamela Milam, on reframing anger and other negative emotions following a divorce or break-up.