Feeling Stressed? READ!

Research shows taking just a 6 minute break to read something can significantly lower stress levels. 

happy teenagerIn this study, it took volunteers only 6 minutes of silent reading to lower heart rates and relax muscle tension. Next time you need a break, try reading.

This excerpt from Cynthia Cruz’s beautiful essay on www.therumpus.net describes the reading and relaxing process so well.

April 29th, 2013
So deep into this other world do I drop, I no longer notice, nor do I care, what’s happening outside the book, in the “real” world. Like a drug, the book seduces me. I can’t resist. And is this not a small simulation of death, of suicide? And suicide, let us not forget, is what this specific book is about. The confection-like seduction Adorjan creates for us, the warm promise of the other world inside the book, is an enactment of the seduction she imagines her grandmother and grandfather felt, their drive for the drug of death: a lozenge, a garden, an invisible lullaby only the two could hear. And isn’t this precisely what the experience of reading a book is?

Happy Reading!

Image courtesy of [image creator name] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net