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Taylor Kirkham writes on the website about the power of confidence.

The Power of Confidence
By Taylor Kirkham–It’s human nature to crave feelings of acceptance from our peers. The problem is that we are continuously fed the myth that we’ll gain this approval not by accepting ourselves, but by battling our bodies and tearing our self-image into shreds.
Somehow the dieting industry has convinced even the smartest people that confidence is directly related to your weight loss, your caloric intake, and the number that appears on a scale. This disgusting myth is not only false, but actually has the opposite effect on how we view ourselves on a daily basis. The steps to actually gain confidence couldn’t be farther from the story we have been told since we first were able to read the advertisements on the TV and in store windows.
Confidence is an extremely powerful factor in your appearance. Many people assume that the first thing somebody notices about them is their weight, the clothes they are wearing, or another trivial piece of their appearance. However, I would say that confidence is by far the strongest element of your appearance. People notice if you are proud of yourself, if you stand tall, and ultimately if you feel comfortable in your own skin. They don’t examine you BMI or what type of clothes you are wearing. They don’t estimate your jean size or the number of pounds you lost over the summer. Confidence is the single most attractive feature somebody can obtain, and it holds more power than all of the ridiculous diets we read about combined.
I was not always as confident as I am today, and I thought that the more weight I lost, the more confidence I would gain. However, this myth that the dieting advertisements feed us from a young age couldn’t be farther from the truth. Confidence doesn’t come from shedding some pounds, but rather from when you find the courage to trust yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Even if you don’t feel confident at first, and you have to fake it to you make it, with practice it will come. And it will be AMAZING. P.S. No Diet Needed 🙂

Her thoughts of self-acceptance are so powerful.  What do you think?